Now you can use your preferred PABCO® wallboard for commercial projects inside and out where moisture is a concern. PABCO GLASS® Interior is now available in a 5/8” fire-resistant panel—ideal for your commercial projects in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements and interiors of exterior walls. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind when using PABCO GLASS® Interior panels for pre-rock construction.

Contractors Prefer PABCO® Board

"I have been in the trades for over 20 years. I have installed various manufacturers’ gypsum panels. When asked what brand of drywall I want on the job, PABCO® is always the first choice. PABCO® board cuts clean, snaps clean and is light and flexible."

Frank Cadwell – Drywall/Taping Foreman
Tarlton and Son Inc.
Frame to Finish Contractor
Fresno, CA


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PABCO GLASS® Interior Benefits.

  • Mold Resistant—Scores 10, the highest rating per the ASTM D3273 test
  • Fire Resistant—5/8” Type X panel with non-combustible glass mat facers to protect framing elements
  • Dimensionally Stable—Resists warping, sagging and buckling 
  • Extended Resistance to the Elements—Product performance will not be compromised due to extended exposure to normal weather conditions up to one year
  • Easy to Install—Installs and finishes like paper-faced gypsum panels
  • Tapered Edges—Allows for seamless finishing of interior partitions


Customer Note on PABCO GLASS® Interior Panel

Julio Mendoza, President of NGC Construction, Visalia, CA, says his installers prefer the PABCO GLASS® Interior Panel over other manufacturers. The company with more than 300 employees, specializes in plaster, drywall and painting. They use our product in single and multifamily homes primarily in kitchens and bathrooms. 

“My guys like it,” says Mendoza.“They feel it’s stronger, easy to cut and work with and not as heavy compared to other manufacturers’ products. With the manpower shortage, it’s important that the product is likeable.” 





The PABCO GLASS® product portfolio includes a full range of glass mat gypsum products for interior and exterior applications for both commercial and residential projects. 

PABCO GLASS® Sheathing 

Glass fiber mat exterior sheathing for extended protection against the elements.

PABCO GLASS® Interior 

Interior glass mat faced gypsum panel for added mold and moisture protection.

PABCO GLASS® Shaftliner 

Moisture resistant glass mat panels for lining elevator shafts and for area separation walls.