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At PABCO Gypsum, we understand that every architectural vision requires a solid foundation. That’s why our technical expertise becomes your blueprint to unparalleled success. When it comes to fire and sound design, trust the proven leaders at PABCO Gypsum to exceed your expectations. Our commitment to acoustic testing sets us apart, having conducted thousands of ASTM E90 Sound Transmission Loss (STL) tests, exploring various framing and panel configurations. This wealth of technical knowledge is not just a statistic; it’s your key to unlocking design possibilities that resonate.

Trusted Technical Advice

Whether you’re looking for technical solutions to meet your project requirements or design tools to make your life easier, PABCO Gypsum is here to help. Here are just a few examples of the technical support we provide to customers. 



  • Continuing Education: Offers multiple CE courses on various topics related to Sound Control and Fire Resistance in building design
  • Design Resources: Provides tools to specify and design STC-rated walls with related UL designs
  • Project Advice: Recommends products and assemblies to meet clients’ requirements on projects from hospitality to healthcare, residential to entertainment, and more

Acoustical Consultants 

  • Customer Objectives: Works with consultants to ensure customers’ acoustic requirements are achieved
  • Field Performance: Validates assembly lab tested results with results in the field
  • Access to Acoustic Tests: Provides access to a vast number of acoustic lab tests for further analysis and calculations

We can provide that same level of technical support for you.

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For nearly 50 years, PABCO Gypsum has been providing high performing gypsum panel products throughout North America. Family owned and operated from the beginning, PABCO is committed to building a culture of caring focused on people, relationships, and communities. We’re building excellence through people so we can provide the service and technical support our customers expect. We’re building long term meaningful relationships with customers based on mutual trust and respect. We’re building stronger communities by focusing on the environment, our customer needs, industry partners and the community at large.

Join us in discovering how this culture weaves into every area of our business benefiting our customers in many ways.

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